Virtual MLK Project

2/16/60 After Martin Luther King Jr. visited the segregated lunch counter at Woolworth's department store in downtown Durham on Feb. 16, 1960, Moore covered the civil rights leader's speech that night at the old White Rock Baptist Church on Fayetteville Street. "He wasn't drawing media attention that much then," Moore said. "As far as I recall, I was the only photographer there."

Announcing the next meeting of the Digital Scholarship in Practice series: The vMLK project features the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Fill Up the Jails” speech in an architecturally and acoustically immersive digital recreation of the old White Rock Baptist Church in Durham where it was delivered in February 1960. Visitors will be aurally and physically immersed in King’s speech, hearing/experiencing it just as a child in the church balcony or an elderly woman in the front row did, yet situated, simultaneously, in the current historical moment.

Presenters on the project include Dr. Victoria Gallagher, a professor in the Communications department, and Keon Pettiway, a CRDM PhD candidate. The event takes place on 4/1 (no joke) in the Teaching & Visualization Lab on the fourth floor of Hunt Library beginning at 3:00 pm.

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